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Module Description
Chaow.Numeric provides various high performance numeric types

Types in Chaow.Numeric
type description
BigInteger BigInteger represents lightweight, high performance, arbitrary length integer
BigIntegerExt BigIntegerExt provides some addional functions to BigInteger
MathExt MathExt provides basic to immediate integer math calculation
Rational Rational represents arbitrary precision fraction

Types in Chaow.Numeric.Sequence
type description
BaseSequence BaseSequence is based class for infinite sequence
Fibonacci Fibonacci allows you to generate fibonacci numbers
GenericSequence GenericSequece allows you to create custom sequence
IdentitySequence IdentitySequence allows you to transform collection to sequence
IPrimeStore IPrimeStore is interface for prime storage
Prime Prime allows you to generate primes, test for primes, and get prime factors
PrimeFile PrimeFile allows you to identify primes from file
PrimeSieve PrimeSieve enables you to identify primes by sieve algorithm
PrimeExt PrimeExt provides additional functions to Prime
Pythagorean Pythagorean represents sequence of primitive Pythagorean triples
PythagoreanTriple PythagoreanTriple represent a right angle triangle
RandomSequence RandomSequence allows you to generate random integer sequence
SequenceExt SequenceExt enables you to create sequence easier

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