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Change Log
V0.70 - 2009-04-14
Add: Chaow.Numeric2 module
Modify: BigInterget - fix bug in add, sub, divrem
Modify: ExpressionEvaluator, ExpressionFinder, ExpressionReplacer, Nominator - change attribute to internal and modify change
Modify: ExpressionRewriter - modify minor change
Modify: IdentitySequence - add Source property
Modify: SequenceExt.Cycle - modify minor change
Move: ConcurrentBacktracker - move namespace and assembly to Chaow.Combinatorics.Concurrent
Move: ExpressionCompareVisitor - move namespace to System.Linq.Expression
Rename: Chaow.Threading.FuncExt - rename to Chaow.Threading.FuncExt2

V0.60 - 2009-02-22
Add: Chaow.Collections module
Add: Chaow.Expressions module
Add: Chaow.Combinatorics.ConcurrentBacktracker
Add: Chaow.Threading.IYield
Add: CollectionExt.Booleans
Modify: BigIntegerExt.ModPow - change pow type to BigInteger
Modify: Concurrent.SelectMany/ForEach/partition - improve concurrency & performance
Modify: DateExt.To/DownTo/StepTo - prevent overflow
Modify: IntExt.To/DownTo/StepTo - prevent overflow
Modify: MathExt.ModPow - change pow type to long
Modify: Prime.fromRange - change a bit code
Modify: PythagoreanTriple - change to struct
Modify: selectConcurrent.GetEnumerator - improve concurrency & performance
Modify: Worker.Current - change attribute to public
Modify: - modify a bit code
Modify: Yield/yieldEnumerator - improve concurrency
Overload: BigInteger.Power - accept long and BigInteger pow
Overload: Combinatoric.Backtrack - to create concurrent backtracker

V0.50 - 2009-01-28
Add: Chaow.Combinatorics module
Add: Chaow.Threading.Concurrent/FuncExt/Future/IConcurrent/identityConcurrent/selectConcurrent/Yield
Add: FuncExt.False/True
Add: MathExt.NextLong
Modify: - faster execution
Modify: BigInteger.fromHexString - no minus for hex
Modify: BigIntegerExt.ModPow - change a bit code
Modify: Chaow.Numeric.Sequence - attribute all derived classes as sealed classes
Modify: DateTimeExt.Month/Year - check for overflow
Modify: FuncExt.PredicateAnd/PredicateOr - no more functional
Modify: Math.Lcm/Power/ChineseReminder - check for overflow
Modify: Math.ModPow - change a bit code
Modify: Pythagorean.ctor - check for overflow
Modify: Sequence.Cycle - change a bit code
Modify: Worker - faster execution

V0.33 - 2009-01-09
Add: Chaow.Numeric module
Add: Chaow.Threading module
Add: ArrayExt
Add: CollectionExt.MaxOf/MinOf
Add: DateTimeExt.Millisecond
Modify: FuncExt.Memoize - for faster execution code
Modify: StringExt.Repeat/ToString - correct a bit code
Move: ActionExt - move to Chaow.Threading module and add/modify a lot of code
Move: CollectionExt.Append/Enum - move to ArrayExt and correct a bit code
Overload: IntExt.To/DownTo/StepTo - overload for long
Overload: CollectionExt.In - overload to accept params and correct a bit original code
Rename: CollectionExt.ZipWith - rename to Zip and correct a bit code

V0.01.01 - 2008-12-27
Add: Sample Library
Add: Chaow.Extensions module

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